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At Brock University, we just had our influx of incoming and prospective students tour the campus during their March Week Break. This is indeed the season in which decisions must be weighed and campuses chosen. The transition from High School to University is drastic: no more homework checks, no more homeroom classes, and no more retests. You’ll be entering into a fast paced environment where you’ll be expected to take initiative and balance out your school work with your social life. Intimidating? Potentially…However, Brock makes it possible for students to make a smooth transition from High School to University.

High School vs. UniversityHigh School vs. University

Lectures and Seminars

If you’re entering a University, I can only assume you have some inkling of an idea of how lectures work. You have probably watched various blockbuster movies that showcase a classroom of 200 students (if not more) neatly seated in a lecture hall, furiously taking notes as they simultaneously listen to a lecturing professor at front. For many post-secondary institutions, this is the extent to which students get to interact with their instructors. At Brock, interaction gets personal; you’re not a number. You’re known by name.

Brock offers a compelling extension by providing students an environment that they are familiar with. These are our seminar classes. Following lectures, students attend classes of about 15-20 students in which they can actively engage with the material from lecture. Students work alongside peers and their Teaching Assistant (often a Masters or PhD student, if not the Professor himself) to practically apply their knowledge to relevant discussions, papers and presentations. You actually get marked for participating in these discussions (which usually positively impacts your overall average in the course)! Not only this, but you also become acquainted with your faculty. As a fourth year student, I still have my professors and TA’s call me out by name as I walk down the various hallways of the University. I feel comfortable visiting them in their office to chat about life, my studies and their own research. This is all thanks to the Seminar system.
Seminars are a great way for students to ask questions, engage with their studies and interact with peers within their disciplines. They function like our High School classes. You won’t be overwhelmed because you’ll be functioning in familiar territory.

Future Badgers, we want you to thrive here. It’s not easy starting a new chapter of your life, but we accommodate to your needs. Seminars are one of the many ways we practically assist you in your success here. Community is key to the education Brock offers. Does that entice you? Then Brock is a good option for you.


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Hi! My name is Alexandra and I’m a fourth year Concurrent Education student here at Brock University, specializing in Visual Arts and English Literature. Over the past several years of my undergrad, I’ve had some great opportunities to get to know the Brock and Niagara communities and would love to help you navigate your way. Whether you need recommendations on Student Services or community involvement, knowledge about a quiet alcove for you to study in, or you simply need direction getting around campus, I’m just a blog or e-mail away! Hoping you’ll have the best experience at Brock yet!

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