My Brock Residence Experience: Vallee

Hey hey again! Some of the other bloggers have posted about their residence experience, so I thought I would do the same.

Let me begin with my moving in experience. Moving day went extremely smoothly, as residence life staff, student volunteers and members from various clubs at Brock came to lend a helping hand in terms of man-power. After some time of settling down and saying a (sometimes teary-eyed) goodbye to parents, we were all called to a floor meeting to meet all of our floormates and our floor Don. Tip 1: If you don’t already know, a Don is a upper year student who facilitates first years’ transition into University. Immediately, I started building a sense of pride in our residence identity as the mighty armadillos!

Valle Armadillos 2012 Mural
Valle Armadillos 2012 Mural

I was lucky enough to be rooming with a friend from home after filling out our residence application together. Tip 2: Make sure to indicate your friend’s exact name as they indicate it on their application, and be sure to fill out your ranking of the residences in an identical fashion of that of your friend’s. Anyway, back to my roommate. We lived in Vallee which is structured as two single rooms connected by a bathroom. Because we each had our own single rooms, privacy was not an issue at all, especially since I could lock both my doors–the door leading into the hallway and the door that connects my room with the bathroom. But at the same time, since I shared the bathroom with another person, it was really easy to have a friend to grab meals with or have someone to talk to into the late hours of the night. Also with living in a traditional residence, I could easily walk down the hall to study or watch a movie, or whatever it may be, with my floor friends. This way, it was really easy to make friends of a lifetime. After all, you see each other ALL the time!

Personally, traditional residences were perfect for me and I don’t think I would have fared as well in non-traditional residences because I was not yet comfortable with cooking, and I wasn’t ready to live so closely with 3-4 other people. That being said, living in a non-traditional residence is excellent practice for living off-campus, which is inevitable for most Badgers. In either type of residence, I know without a doubt that you will enjoy your residence experience. Again, remember, we have a virtual tour of each of the residence rooms.

Anyway, that was just my personal experience and residence is what you make of it, so don’t get too hung up if your ideal residence choice was not able to be met. Because I am confident that despite where you live, you will have a great experience!

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