I imagine that you’re reading that headline thinking: “Wow! Is Iain really a superhero!?” after all it is a common thought…and I suppose that you have all sorts of scenarios running through your heads about just how I’ve come to save lives while here at Brock…it could be that I managed to get exams cancelled for the year by fighting off a giant snake and a mysterious-looking diary in the basement of Schmon Tower; or perhaps it was me who introduced the additional November Reading Week trial period to the University.

Alas I cannot call these great feats of wonder my own. No, Future Badgers, instead my lifesaving ability rests with within my own flesh and blood…in fact I use one of those materials to save lives…my blood!

Blood Logo

That’s right. The Canadian Blood Services actively runs a donation clinic throughout the year here at Brock University and it’s up to our Badgers to fill the space and continue saving lives. Every 56 days, the Canadian Blood Services return to our campus to extreme makeover the Ian Beddis Gymnasium into a super-cool-Hall-of-Justice-Fortress-of- Solitude-Titan-Tower-mega-donor-clinic, which means that Badgers will have the opportunity to never miss a donation while attending school here at Brock.

The most frequent question I get after a donation is “Ew! Why do you give up your blood!?” and quite simply Badgers, it’s because I think that it’s a good thing to do. If I have the opportunity to save a life and become a real-life superhero, then why not take that chance? I may never know who my blood goes to, but if there’s a potential that my donation could have been the difference between a fellow Badger being saved on the operating table after a car accident and not making it out unscathed, then you’d better believe that I’m going to take it. Plus, after you’re done donating, he nurse will even let you take a picture with your donated blood! (To save you from your potentially weak stomachs I’ve decided not to post my own ‘blood selfies’…you’re welcome)

Blood donator

So Badgers I send to you an open invitation: Join me in the fight for life and get to your nearest clinic and donate what is in you to give. Roll up your sleeve and save a life today!

Brock On Badgers!


Next Brock Clinic: March 15, 2015 – Ian Beddis Gymnasium

To book an appointment/for FAQs:

visit www.blood.ca -OR- call 1-888-2DONATE (1-888-236-6283)


About Iain

Hello Future Badgers! My name is Iain, and I am a fourth year Concurrent Education I/S B.A./B.Ed. student (teaching subjects in Drama & History) and Head Resident in the Residence Department here at Brock! First thing’s first, I love this newfound second home that I call Brock and I’m hoping I can pass off all of that love to all of you! This summer I spent an incredible four weeks teaching and living at an Outdoor Education Camp in the Algonquin Highlands and would love to tell you all about it! Through the experiences as an actively involved University student here at Brock, I have seen that maintaining a social life, as well as an academic life is just as important to becoming a well-rounded and balanced student (it’s almost like eating both your fruits and vegetables!) In the coming months, I hope to pass this knowledge on to you, to ensure that your love of all things Brock grows strong. Brock On Badgers!

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