If you haven’t already heard Brock University it opening it’s doors this Sunday March 1st for our annual Open House Event.  The event will take place from 12pm-4pm and works on a drop in basis which allows you to show up at the best time that fits your needs. The day includes a self guided tour that lets you walk the campus and visit hot spots at your own pace. You can meet me at Hot Spot 5!

Iam Beddis GymnasiumThe added bonus of Open House that you wouldn’t experience with our traditional campus tours is the chance to meet with faculty, staff, and students within the faculty you have applied to. Our Ian Beddis Gymnasium that extends four basketball court long will be transformed and filled with booths of each faculty (Health Sciences, Goodman Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics/Science, and Social Sciences). This offers you the opportunity to speak to students who are currently in your program who know first hand how the transition from high school to university is like. They can give you tips about classes, how to succeed and just fill you in on their experience so far here at Brock. You also have the chance to speak to professors that will be teaching the courses you will be taking in your years to come. Asking them general or specific question about courses will prepare you for what you are about to learn and to better understand what they except from you and what you should expect from them.

If you aren’t avaliable to come to our Open House this Sunday we still have tours from Monday-Friday at 10am and 2pm. Follow this link below to sign up for upcoming dates: http://discover.brocku.ca/discover/tours/


About Vanessa

Hello Future Baby Badgers! My name is Vanessa and I am currently in my fourth year here at Brock University. Brock has been helping me pursue my love of children through their Concurrent Education program, where I am majoring in Physical Education and minoring in General Science. BrockU has become my home away from home with its close-knit community. Let me give you a little more information about myself. In my four years here at Brock I have been able to create a great experience for myself by participating in intramural sports, research studies, SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program), and many other events that happen in and around our beautiful campus. This year I will be working closely with one of my professors as an intern for one of her courses. I can’t wait to blog about all my experiences! Feel free to browse my blog and reply with any comments or questions.

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