Why Reading Week is Essential for Students

For all you prospective Badgers out there, I can guarantee you that Reading Week is just about one of the best things to happen for university students. And not only do we have a Winter break here at Brock but we have a Fall break as well. Bonus!

Obviously a mid-semester week off is great for a number of reasons – we get to run all of our important errands and we finally have the time to catch up on homework or visit our friends and family. With all of this in mind, coupled with the fact that students are very busy individuals, it can be difficult for students to actually relax.

Reading Week really is a great initiative when it comes to mental health awareness, which is a HUGELY important campaign at Brock. So don’t overlook the fact that students deserve a break. We all work hard and it’s very important that we take the time to appreciate ourselves. So take a nice, long, hot bubble bath. Do some pleasure reading as opposed to reading for school. Grab dinner with your friends. Take a nap. Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy and rested!

Don’t get me wrong, doing schoolwork over the break is a good idea but it is equally important that students also use this time to unwind and catch their breath. Many people, ourselves included, underestimate the pressures and responsibilities of being a student. Just because we aren’t out working in the real world yet doesn’t mean that we don’t get stressed out. That time will come for us eventually so it is good for us to start thinking about the stress monster now, before it becomes a bigger problem. Stress comes with the territory of being a student but Reading Week helps us to take an active role in combatting its adverse effects.

So whether you are already a Badger or are planning on becoming one in the near future, remember that Reading Week is the perfect opportunity to decompress and de-stress.



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Hello prospective, new and returning Badgers! My name is Adrienne and I am super excited to be back at Brock again for my fourth year of the BA/BEd Concurrent Education (Intermediate/Senior) program. I’m majoring in English as my first teachable, and minoring in History, which means I spend lots of time reading! I love working with children and interacting with the Brock community and would be happy to help other students with similar interests to get involved as well. Please take a few minutes to browse my blog and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

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