Dear Grade-Twelve Me:

Greetings from the future! You will be happy to hear, I’m sure, that you have survived (so far) four years at Brock and that the end is near! You can now take a sigh of relief knowing that you ended up choosing the school that was right for you – I can tell you with confidence that this was one of the best decisions you have ever made!

So why I am writing this letter to you, you may ask? Well it isn’t just to tell you that you are awesome, which you are. Actually, I am here to remind you to keep working hard because what you are doing right now does matter! Trust me when I say that your years at university will be some of the best in your life and you should do everything in your power to prepare yourself for that moment.

You are probably wondering then, what words of wisdom can I offer you?


Do your homework and go to your classes (not that you would ever dare to miss one anyways…). Attendance and preparation are largely influential, no – imperative – to your success in a post-secondary education atmosphere so don’t get in a habit of slacking off. (And don’t forget that your Brock residence applications do take your high school marks into consideration).

Take a critical and active role in your own learning. University is the place to explore new dimensions of learning that you may not have ever thought possible. But why wait? Start your quest for knowledge at a young age and don’t be afraid to be analytical, to challenge convention and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Brock will encourage you to do all of these things so why not familiarize yourself with them now?

Make sure that you have everything you need to make a smooth transition into this new chapter of your life. The right courses, strong grades, volunteer hours, an optimistic attitude; these are all important things that will help propel you into university life and beyond. Speak to your current guidance counselor and the Brock recruitment/admissions officers to ensure that you have met the necessary criteria.

Don’t give up on your interests. Yes, school and academics are important but they are not everything in life. Both sides of the brain are valuable and worth developing. Your time at Brock will allow you to expand upon these interests in a holistic and stimulating way. So keep playing sports, keep in touch with your friends, keep playing that instrument of yours and keep doing whatever it is that you do, and you will turn into a very well rounded Badger someday, I’m sure of it.

Weigh your options and make a thoughtful, educated decision as to where you will spend the next three, four, five (perhaps more) years of your life. Don’t rush yourself into something you’re not totally comfortable with. Even in university there is plenty of time and opportunities to change your mind and find your happy place (which doesn’t end up taking too long)!

That’s all for now, good friend. You have a strong head on your shoulders and are more than capable of hitting it out of the park. I believe in you!


Your wiser, more outgoing, better looking and incredibly successful fourth-year self 😉

HAHA, just kidding, sort of…


About Adrienne

Hello prospective, new and returning Badgers! My name is Adrienne and I am super excited to be back at Brock again for my fourth year of the BA/BEd Concurrent Education (Intermediate/Senior) program. I’m majoring in English as my first teachable, and minoring in History, which means I spend lots of time reading! I love working with children and interacting with the Brock community and would be happy to help other students with similar interests to get involved as well. Please take a few minutes to browse my blog and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!

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