Hey Future Badgers!
This past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday! This made me remember the first Superbowl I celebrated while I was at Brock. I was living in residence, and many of the people who lived on my floor were football fans, so as a group we decided that we would have all watch the Superbowl together in our lounge. We decided to make it a potluck, so everyone contributed what they could. Some of us ordered pizza and others brought nachos. Someone else made chili at home and then brought it back to residence with them. This was a great event for our floor because not everyone had a chance to catch up after the winter break. Even people who were not football fans came to the event and enjoyed themselves. I had fun at this event. Looking back I do not remember anything about that specific Superbowl, except for the people that I watched it with and the fun that we had.
When I was a residence don, I watched as the students who lived on my floor planned their own Superbowl gathering. They planned it differently. Instead of a potluck, they ordered from one of Brock’s cafeterias. The Guernsey Market at Brock offered Superbowl specials that students could pay for using their meal plan. The specials included different  variations of pizza and chicken wings. I thought this was clever because they did not have to go off campus to get the snacks that they wanted. They all came together and had a similar experience to the one that I had the year before.
When you come to Brock, you will have the opportunity to have your own events similar to the ones that I have described. These are the experiences that you will remember far beyond your time in residence.


About Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney from Mississauga, Ontario! I am a fourth year Concurrent Education student, majoring in History. After I graduate, I hope to become a special education teacher. This is my second year as a Brock Ambassador and I look forward to showing all of you the place that I have made my second home over the past three years!

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