Changing Dynamics of Brock Classrooms

Hi again, Badger friends!

Today I thought I would talk about how my classes have changed over the years because a question that I get so often on tours is: “How big are the classrooms?”
Yes, yes, you have heard the horrifying tales of sitting in a large lecture room. But hey, even our largest lecture hall (Thistle 247 as pictured below) only seats 425 students. That’s doable….right?
Typically class sizes are only like this for your first year courses. This is because in first year, everyone is taking very general courses to become equipped with the prerequisite knowledge needed for future years of study. But even in these large classroom settings, you can feel reassured that Brock has a wonderful seminar system. In case you don’t know what a seminar is, it is a classroom that replicates your high school classroom (20-25 students). In this seminar, students learn from each other and gain participation grades through presentations and discussions with their peers and the Teaching Assistant (TA). Even better news: Almost all of the lectures offered at Brock are complemented with a seminar component.

So, as early as your second year, class sizes will cut down as you begin to have more independence in selecting the courses that interest you. For example, in Year 3, Business Administration students can begin to stream off, depending on the Concentration that they wish to declare. So although you may be worried out about your possible social anxiety in large lectures, remember that you will have seminars and the large class sizes will not last forever! Keep calm, and carry on! 🙂



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