Child and Youth Studies Honours Research Project

Happy Monday, little Badgers!

I figured that today, I would give my readers a little more insight into my experience at Brock. I’ve talked about my next steps after completing my Undergraduate degree, but what about my current steps? Well, presently I am in my fourth year of the Child and Youth Studies Honours program, which means that I was given the option to complete my year with course work, an individual thesis, or an applied research project. I personally chose to complete an applied research project. But wait! Have I scared you off already with the word “research”? Hear me out…

The idea of leading my own research study scared me too, to be honest. But then I began thinking, well hey, I’ve been doing course work for the past 3 years. And although my courses have been incredibly stimulating and helped me gain so much insight into the issues surrounding children and youth, I began to wonder whether it may be cool to try something new. But doing research was not a completely foreign idea to me, because my degree has been speckled with numerous courses about research methodology and ethics. Even so, I was too nervous to combat the thesis option, and opted for the applied research project. And boy, was that the right decision for me!

By stepping out of my comfort zone, I was taken on by a wonderful and inspiring Child and Youth Studies professor named Dr. John McNamara. His first year class was the very first undergraduate class of mine, and it gives me the greatest joy that I spent my final year under his guidance as well. Together, we are working to assess the effectiveness of a literacy program called Reading Rocks. While this research project has challenged me to make my own deadlines, Dr. McNamara and his Master student, Hilary, have supported me through every step. And with Dr. McNamara’s focus on learning disabilities, I know that all of the experiences that I gain throughout my research project will be applicable to my future career as a teacher. To read more about this program, click here.

So to summarize, trying something new is what can help you realize a new passion, or to help you gain experience in a way that you otherwise could not have had.

I hope you learned something new! Talk to you next time!



About Hana

Hey there! My name is Hana and I am a fourth year Child and Youth Studies major in the Primary/Junior level of the Concurrent Education program. In this final year of my undergraduate degree, I am embarking on exciting new journeys, like completing an Applied Research Project and readying myself for Teacher Education. I hope that through my blog posts I will be able to share some of my 'wisdom' with you young grasshoppers, and that you will be able to join me in this adventure. So read on, my friends!

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