Brock’s Hidden Treasure: The Most Magical Place on Earth

The Instructional Resource Centre ( IRC) is any Child and Youth Studies or Concurrent Education students’  dream! The IRC offers curriculum libraries which includes books, activities, and multi- media for elementary and secondary school teaching. IRC also has a media production workroom for the construction of teachings aids which includes various lettering systems , a lamination press, opaque projector, paper cutters, coil binding, button maker, magnet press, eyelet punch, as well as photocopiers. All of these resources are offered to students when they show their Brock University student card and students can also rent materials for up to two weeks.

The staff at the IRC are EXTREMELY helpful! The first time I went in there I had no idea how to work any of the cut out and laminating machines and gave me some amazing ideas to make my project even better!

Even if you don’t want to be a teacher this is a place to visit if you are making a poster, bulletin board, name tag or anything you need to design with construction paper!

Check out this link to learn more about the IRC and all it has to offer!



About Krista

Hey everyone! My name is Krista and I am currently in my fourth and final year of the Child and Youth Studies program with a minor in Dramatic Arts. After I complete my undergraduate degree I am hoping to go into the Teacher Education program. If you have any questions about Brock University, or university life in general, please feel free to read my posts and comment. Best of luck!

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