FAQ: When can I expect an acceptance letter from Brock?

Hi future Badgers,

If you are anything like little ol’ Grade 12 me, you are checking your mailbox daily for mail from Brock. After the first couple days, maybe you’re beginning to wonder: when can I expect an acceptance letter to Brock?

Well, some of you may have received offers of admissions as early as December depending on your academic performance. That means that some of you have already heard from us!! It has been such a heart-warming experience to see the new tweets, Instagram posts, and Vines of students receiving our acceptance packages. For those of you that have already received them, back me up here, aren’t Brock’s acceptance packages THE BEST?! (For those of you who are still waiting, I won’t spoil the surprise)

And if you haven’t received an acceptance yet, don’t you worry, because the majority of the offers are sent out in mid-Feburary, and again in early to mid-May. Until then, sit tight and enjoy your final year of high school! In the wise words of Drake, you only live once!

I will be looking forward to seeing the many more social media posts of students celebrating with our acceptance package. Welcome to the Badger family, everyone! 🙂



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  1. avatar Jodi says:

    Hi Hana do you know if those acceptance offer periods apply to international students as well? I applied in November 2016 (for a Master program) and I have heard from them as yet so was wondering if that time frame also applies to those out if the country as well as high school.

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