Hey Future Badgers!

I recently returned to my student house after the winter break. I was excited to come back to St Catharines and to see my roommates after being a part for three weeks. When I came home my roommates and I all sat together and had a New Year’s Eve celebration of our own. We discussed our resolutions and agreed to help each other reach our goals. While it was great to go home and to see my family, because I miss them when I was at school, I also miss my Brock family when I am at home.

When you come to Brock you will find that you will have a new family of your own. Coming to university is an adjustment, but it is an exciting one. One of my favourite parts of coming to university was the opportunity to live in a house with my friends. Through this experience I have been able to learn how to cook for myself and become more independent. University has been a growing experience, I have learned just as much outside as I have inside the classroom.


About Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney from Mississauga, Ontario! I am a fourth year Concurrent Education student, majoring in History. After I graduate, I hope to become a special education teacher. This is my second year as a Brock Ambassador and I look forward to showing all of you the place that I have made my second home over the past three years!

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