Top 5 Reasons to Tour Brock University

I remember when I was in Grade 12 and looking at a variety of different universities, it was completely overwhelming.  All of the universities in Ontario would give me an amazing education, but how was I supposed to know which would be the best fit?  I found in my case that the answer was to go visit each university and take a campus tour. Now that I am in my fourth year of my degree and my third year of being a tour guide here at Brock, I have decided to compile the top 5 reasons that it is worth your time to come take a tour of Brock.

1. You can only really get a feeling for what a campus is like by visiting it.  Do you want a campus in a city, in a small town, or more of a stand alone campus?  I really appreciate that Brock is a self-contained campus with lots of beautiful green-space surrounding it, but the bus, which is included in student tuition, can take to St Catharines’ vibrant downtown in a matter of minutes.  This really gives students the best of both worlds in that it gives a close-knit community feel at Brock, but lots of restaurants, concerts and cool areas to explore within a 15 minute bus ride.

2. One of my favourite parts of the tour to give is the tours of residence.  I had the most wonderful residence experience and it helped me learn so much about living with people who were not my family for the first time.  On the tour, we visit single rooms and double rooms and we tour both traditional and non-traditional residences, which you will find out more about once you get here.  We also tour residence facilities like the dining halls, common rooms and residence services so you can get a good picture of what it will be like to live and learn at Brock.

3. Something that Brock is very proud of is our amount of student support services, so as you tour our campus, you will see how many different ways Brock tries to support you as a student.  We have mentorship options, mental health support, academic workshops on skills you may not have mastered in high school as well as many, many more supports to let you focus on learning about your passions.

4. By touring the campus, you can start to imagine what your life would be like at Brock.  Would you be more likely to study in the library or the Guernsey Market? Are you better suited to a single or a double room?  Would you have an on-campus job? If you get the chance to come visit Brock, try and imagine the life you would have here and if you think that it would be a good fit.

5. And finally, on snowy days like today, you will appreciate that you can travel across almost our entire campus completely indoors.  Through a series of bridges and connected buildings, our tour only goes outside for a couple of minutes so you can stay nice and warm.

If I have successfully convinced you that a visit to Brock should be in your future,  please feel free to click on the image below or give us a call at (905) 688-5550 ext 4293.  If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or send us an email at liaison@brocku.caWant to book a tour? Click me!


About Victoria

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I am a fourth year student at Brock. I am in Concurrent Education focusing in English, history and math for grades 4-10. I currently live off campus but I loved my first-year experience in residence. My friends describe me as a fun-loving kid at heart and I love discovering new things in the Niagara area. My interests include technology, Broadway musicals, working with kids and everything to do with Brock University! Feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions you have about Brock as I am happy to help!

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