#BrockThrowback: Living Off Campus

Hello future Badgers,

I know many of you are focusing on completing your residence application (which I highly recommend!! I will talk more about my residence experience in an upcoming blog post), but an important aspect to consider when choosing a University is off-campus living. Often I get questions from students and parents inquiring about the possibility of living in residence after first year, but as many of you know, Brock residences are mainly allocated to first-year students. This is because residence provides students with many resources that first-year students require the most, such as directional assistance, knowledge of the student services on-campus, and more. But in general, living off-campus is a wonderful experience!

What makes it even greater is that rent for student housing in St. Catharines is super inexpensive compared to other cities. The average rent rate is $450 per month without utilities. Some popular areas to live are off of Glenridge Road or off of St. David’s Road. And even more great news: buses running near these areas pass by the most frequently: every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the evenings and weekends. To browse some options, click here!

Have a great snowy week, everyone!



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