Brock’s Hidden Treasure: Have No Fear Your Bus is Near

Coming to Brock University was the first time I ever took public transit. Since this was such a new experience  for me I was always worried that I would miss the bus or wonder if it was going to be on time.

I have two amazing websites you can use to see when the bus will arrive at your stop or even to help you plan which buses  to take and the BEST part they are both FREEE!

Where is Your Bus

This isn’t a normal app per say but it can be used just like one. I bookmarked the website so it is always on my home screen to quickly check if the bus is running on time. This app can be found through the St Catharine Transit Website (http://whereis.yourbus.com/bustime/home.jsp)I like using the estimated arrival time ( the left box)

I like using the estimated arrival times because you can add your stop number or the route and you can find what buses and how far away they are.

This website as well helps you to plan your route and  shows  you which buses are the best for where you would like to go.

St. Catharines Transit App

This app is very similar to the where is your bus, however the good thing about this app is that you don’t need to know what the route number or stop number is. Your phone will use the GPS settings to detect where you are and shows the bus stops that are close to you and

all the different choices for buses you can take. This is good for when you’re in an area that you don’t know, for instances going to a costume store to get a Halloween costumes you can track to see how far away the buses are from your location. Another cool feature is with this app you  can favourite bus routes so they always show up at the top so you can see them. You can find this app in your phones apps store.

Here is  where it shows how far away the buses in the area are
As well similar to the other website it can help you find the proper route

So whether you use one or the other, you will definitely know where the bus is and what time it will be coming to your stop or the area near you.

Best of Luck future Badgers!


About Krista

Hey everyone! My name is Krista and I am currently in my fourth and final year of the Child and Youth Studies program with a minor in Dramatic Arts. After I complete my undergraduate degree I am hoping to go into the Teacher Education program. If you have any questions about Brock University, or university life in general, please feel free to read my posts and comment. Best of luck!

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