The Importance of Getting to Know your Profs!

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For many years I’ve been stressing to my peers the importance of “getting to know” your professors and teaching assistants. There have been so many times, literally countless, where I was so thankful that my professor either knew me by first name or at the least could recognize my face.

So why should you? Easy. They are not only potential references but they can also save your butt if something goes wrong during your academic years. Professors hold a lot of weight so having a professor that can vouch for you is a huge leg up in the professional world. Both professors and teacher assistants can be a reference on your resume to get a job, volunteer opportunity, co-op or internships but they can also hook you up with one!

So how do you do this? Easy. GO TO OFFICE HOURS! Many professors and teacher assistants host weekly office hours for students to come in and have questions answers but also they are willing to work one-on-one with you over assignments. You can also take this opportunity to ask for clarification over content and beyond. HERE IS A TIP: from my experience I have literally just gone to office hours to chat with professors- sometimes about course related content and sometime it is not. Now, this is not to say professors are not busy people on their own BUT during office hours many professors aren’t particular busy, usually not during midterm and final season- THEREFORE GO AND TALK TO THEM!

Just to reinforce things professors are the ones who decides if you can get an extension, do a make-up assignment and much much more! Life happens and Brock, in my experience, has been extremely accommodating and if you have a professor and/or a teaching assistant on your side it makes it easier to skyrocket into success!

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About Jenn

Hello there! My name is Jenn and I am in my fourth year in the Concurrent Education program at Brock! More specifically, one day I want to be a French teacher at a middle school. I was born in Ottawa but my family and I moved to Toronto when I was three years old so I am a city-girl. That being said, I love anything outdoors! I have traveled a lot as I have been to Australia, Japan, Europe, Cuba and throughout North America. I am always on the go and this year I am a member of the Residence Life Staff as Quarry View’s Don of Academics, so if any of you have any residence questions, please feel free to respond to my posts! I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain my love for Brock. Originally Brock was my 5th choice as I got accepted into all the Canadian "Ivy-League" schools, but it wasn’t until I visited the campus that I truly gave Brock a shot. I loved the fact that Brock was a mid-sized campus where I could truly find a community so I could meet like-minded individuals, while also meeting others with diverse interests. I loved the feel of the campus from the open-concept spaces to the gorgeous surrounding landscape of the Niagara Escarpment. Ever since I accepted my offer to Brock as my post-secondary institution I have NEVER been happier! I know so many professors and teaching assistants on a first-name basis that have been my references and provided me with jobs and opportunities that have been great for my resume building towards my future career! I have met some lifelong friends from all walks of life from all over the world! I chose Brock University because it offered something for everyone - including me!

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