Residence FAQ: Flex vs. Meal Plan Dollars

What is the difference between Flex dollars and Meal Plan dollars?

As stated previously, students living in traditional residences are required to purchase a meal plan. Students living in non-traditional residences, however, are not required to purchase a meal plan since they have their own kitchen. But if they wish, students living in non-traditional residences have the option to purchase half of the meal plan for those lazy days, or if they are not yet comfortable cooking for themselves.

Regardless of which style of residence a student lives in, every student is required to purchase $250 of Flex Dollars (also known as Declining Cash Balance). Residence students use it to pay for laundry, as well as anything on campus! It’s like a fast and convenient ‘swipe and go’ debit card. Flex dollars are accepted in residence dining halls, franchised eateries on campus (including Tim Hortons), and even select restaurants in the St. Catharines area (including Dominos and Boston Pizza). It is also accepted at SkyBar Lounge (our fully liscenced on-campus restaurant), General Brock (our one-stop shop…like a on-campus convenience store), and Shoppers. Another great thing about Flex dollars is that it carries over from year to year, and can be re-loaded online. How handy-dandy!

Meal plan money is accepted in residence dining halls (DeCew, Lowenburger, and Guernsy Market). For students living in traditional residences who are required to purchase both meal plan money and Flex dollars, the meal plan money will be exhausted (when purchasing dining hall foods) before Flex dollars are used.

Both meal plan money and Flex dollars are attached on your student card. Your student card is also your bus pass, gym membership, and access into your residences (in cases of non-traditional residences), so keep a good eye on it!!

I hope I was able to cover some of the major residence FAQs. If you have any more questions, please leave me a comment below. Otherwise, you can contact our office by giving us a call at 905-688-5550, ext. 4293.

Stay tuned for my personal story of living in Vallee residence!



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