Residence FAQ: Traditional vs. Non-traditional

Hey Future Badgers, its been awhile since I last posted. It is so so nice to be back!

Can I just say, it has been so much fun browsing through the many photos of your acceptance packages!! It has me reminiscing about receiving my offer of admission.. Can you believe that I almost broke a chair from jumping up and down so vigorously from excitement? As well, I am so excited to hear that many of you have accepted your offer to Brock!! We are all so excited to see you on campus in September and become a fellow proud Badger.

Please continue to share your joy with us, may it be through Facebook (Brock University Future Students) or Twitter (@DiscoverBrock). We would love to stay connected with you!

The next step of this process is to complete your residence application. Many of you have visited our campus and residences either on an individual tour (which you can book here) or during one of our Open Houses. But as the deadline for the residence application is quickly approaching (June 2, 2014), I wanted to discuss residences in more depth. Let’s tackle this information in the form of FAQs.

What is the difference between traditional and nontraditional residences?

Vallee single room

Vallee single room

Think of traditional residence rooms as individual rooms in which you share a bathroom with either a bathroommate (in cases of single room residents), your roommate and bathroommate (in cases of double room residents), or with your “floor” (in cases of DeCew residents). Each floor has a social lounge and on the opposite end, a study lounge. Social lounges come furnished with a TV, couches, a microwave and a kettle. Those living in the traditional residences are required to purchase a meal plan.

Village kitchen

Village kitchen

As for non-traditional residences, think of them as “townhouse” style living. Quarry View is a stacked townhouse-style residence, and Village is arranged in “courts” of 15 units. Due to the fact that these residences have kitchens, students are not required to purchase a meal plan. However, they can choose to purchase half of a meal plan if they are not yet comfortable cooking for themselves, or even for those lazy days. We all have them!

All residence rooms are equipped with the capability for cable TV, local phone and internet connection.

If you have yet to visit our residences or want a refresher on what they look like, remember that we have a virtual tour and photo galleries of our residences.

I hope that gives you a little insight as to which type of residence you prefer: traditional vs. nontraditional. Tune in tomorrow for another residence FAQ.

Have a terrific Thursday!



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