Where to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse At Brock University

I’m a pretty big TV junkie, so of course I’m up to date with The Walking Dead. With the season finale tonight, I’ve been thinking. If the zombie apocalypse hit tomorrow, and I was on campus, where would I go? Here are my top three choices of places that I would head to, in order.

3) Mackenzie Chown Complex

Mackenzie Chown Complex is one of the biggest buildings on campus and home to many departmental offices, labs, computers labs and seminar rooms, since most classes at Brock are divded between two hours of lecture, and a one hour seminar. So yes, that means that there are tons of rooms that you’ll have to clear out. But before you scoff, hear me out! Mackenzie Chown, when you don’t know how to navigate around can be surprisingly easy to get lost in and who finds it easier to get lost than mindless zombies? If you could pile up some stuff and block off a few hallways I don’t see zombie’s finding their way to you. Bad news is, that there’s not a lot of food resources in this building… however the main kitchens are located downstairs, so you’d be able to grab some grub from there. Assuming of course that you can find your way back….

2) Village Residence

Village Residence is a non-traditional style of residence at Brock, and by far the biggest residence. The houses are set up with 5 people living in each house (3 single rooms, 1 double room) and the houses are then set up in courts. Assuming that your whole house hasn’t turned in zombies, you can all work together to make sure that your house is barricaded and well protected. As well, since you have your own living space and kitchen you don’t have to worry about a zombie wandering down the hallway into your room like you would in a traditional style of residence. The big plus that I saw to being in Village is that there are tons of other houses around you, and you have a full kitchen to make meals. Much like the gang does on The Walking Dead, it’d be pretty easy for you to clear houses and gather up the non-perishable foods from other houses. Plus, let’s be honest, students collectively probably have enough Kraft Dinner to last a lifetime so this would definitely be the place to go to grab resources.

1) Cairns Family Bioscience and Research Complex 5th Floor

Remember in season one when the group was in the Centre for Disease Control in Chicago? Well, the CDC ain’t got nothing on the 5th floor of Brock. Not only do you need swipe access to this floor, but there’s a containment level 3 lab, which basically means there’s a top security lab up there – oh and there’s no self-destruct button so you don’t have to worry about that happening like it did in The Walking Dead. Nothing says secure quite like a C3 level lab, and this is where they’re located. Fortunately, this building also boasts plenty of organic greenhouse space, as well as vivarium’s (structures for holding animals), which are ethically approved for use by researchers in the building. All this together means that you have a safe spot where you can live, and the ability to sustain yourself for a while, which is why Cairns Complex is my number one choice.

Where else on campus would you head to survive the zombie apocalypse? Do you agree or disagree with any of these ratings? Let me know!


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