Hey Future Badgers!
I was walking through campus the other day, and I walked by Earp Residence. This was the residence building that I lived in during my first year here at Brock. Walking by this building brought back many memories for me. The year that I lived in residence was an amazing kick off to my time here at Brock. Most of the friends that I am close to today were my friends from residence. In fact I loved the experience so much that I decided to become a don in my second year! I wanted to provide incoming students to Brock with the same wonderful experience that I had. My residence life consisted of study groups, sports teams, laughs and lasting memories. The experiences that I will never forget are the intramural sports teams that I played on. I have played a variety of sports through recreation services, such as; soccer, volleyball, basketball and underwater hockey. I enjoyed playing on all of these teams. The teams were made up of people who lived on the same floor as me in residence. We were able to form teams that worked together and supported each other. Eventually our whole floor started to come out to our games with signs and line sheets! When you come to Brock, you will be able to make lasting memories of your own!


About Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney from Mississauga, Ontario! I am a fourth year Concurrent Education student, majoring in History. After I graduate, I hope to become a special education teacher. This is my second year as a Brock Ambassador and I look forward to showing all of you the place that I have made my second home over the past three years!

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