If you haven’t had a chance already, come visit Brock to see what we are all about and get a feel for our campus. I was fortunate enough to give a tour today for prospective students visiting Brock during the March Break. In addition to our regular campus tours that run at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday to Friday, Brock will be offering tours at 12 pm as well from March 10-14. Unlike our regular tours that begin from our Liaison office, tours during the March Break will begin from the lounge area on the first floor of the Cairns complex located closest to the intersection of Glenridge and St. Davids (no worries there will also be lots of signs to direct you). So come take a tour with a current Brock student. They will show you our beautiful campus integrated right into the Niagara escarpment and share their experiences they have had here at Brock. Following your tour you will have the opportunity to speak with our Liaison officers about any program specific questions (I call them the Wikipedia of Brock).

For more information on our campus tours visit:


I hope to see you soon!


About Kirsten

Hello Brock students! My name is Kirsten and I am a fifth year Bachelor of Science Kinesiology student here at Brock University. To sum up my time here thus far, IT'S BEEN AWESOME! This is my first year being a Campus Experience Coordinator (CEC) and I’m excited to share my love for Brock University with prospective students. But first here’s a little about me. During my time at Brock I have participated in intramural soccer, flag football, hockey and under water hockey (potentially the best sport ever invented). Academically, I have been apart of the MedPlus program, which is a program geared towards students looking for a career in the medical field. Through these activities I’ve met a lot of new friends. If you see me in the halls feel free to give me a friendly shout out. I look forward to meeting you. Come and explore Brock University with me and see what it can offer you for both sides of the brain.

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  1. avatar Gladys Flores says:

    I am looking to book a campus tour during March Break for a teen group of 11 (2 chaperones, 9 teens) from Welcome Inn Community Centre in Hamilton. Please feel free to email me or call me at 905-525-5824 to book a time.

    Thank you.
    Gladys Flores
    Children’s Programs Coordinator

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