MedPlus – What it’s about and my experiences

What’s it about?

MedPlus is for student’s interested in a career in healthcare.  It is a four-year extracurricular program designed to run concurrently with student’s academic programs.  This is an experiential program unique to Brock University!  It gives student’s a competitive edge to set themselves apart when applying to professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and prosthetics, just to name a few.  This program has partnerships with Niagara Region medical and health professional organizations, individual practitioners and hospitals.  Through this program you will gain exposure to a variety of different professions through speakers series, observational visits, volunteer opportunities, and job shadows.

My experiences with the program:

Am I on Grey's Anatomy? All dressed up to shadow the surgeon!

This program has been one of the best experiences during my time at Brock University.  So far I have volunteered in a cardiac rehab center and a physiology lab and am currently volunteering in an amputee exercise clinic and in a retirement home where I run the morning exercise class and assist the kinesiology with one-on-one exercise sessions with the residents.  I’ve also done some job shadowing, which I think is one of the best features of the program.  I’ve shadowed a chiropractor, a prosthetist, and best of all an internal surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon and a plastic surgeon (and I didn’t pass out WHOO).

During my time at Brock I also applied and was accepted to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.  I attribute a large part of my acceptance to MedPlus because this program helped me with my application, prepared me for the interview process, and overall gave me a competitive edge because I had many experiences to draw on from participating in this program.

I can’t say enough great things about this program, except for APPLY and I hope to see you next year!

How to apply:

MedPlus requires a separate application; the 2014/15 application is now open and is due April 30th 2014. There are three main steps to this application process:

1. Complete the online application:

2. Submit your academic transcript or give us permission on the application to check your transcript electronically

3. The Letter of Reference form must be received directly from your reference

For more information on the admissions requirements and application visit: https://brocku.ca/career-services/students-alumni/med-plus/admission#online


About Kirsten

Hello Brock students! My name is Kirsten and I am a fifth year Bachelor of Science Kinesiology student here at Brock University. To sum up my time here thus far, IT'S BEEN AWESOME! This is my first year being a Campus Experience Coordinator (CEC) and I’m excited to share my love for Brock University with prospective students. But first here’s a little about me. During my time at Brock I have participated in intramural soccer, flag football, hockey and under water hockey (potentially the best sport ever invented). Academically, I have been apart of the MedPlus program, which is a program geared towards students looking for a career in the medical field. Through these activities I’ve met a lot of new friends. If you see me in the halls feel free to give me a friendly shout out. I look forward to meeting you. Come and explore Brock University with me and see what it can offer you for both sides of the brain.

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