Hey Future Badgers,

When I was in first year I lived in Village which is one of our non-traditional residence buildings on campus. This meant that I got to cook! I love cooking but this also means that I needed to go grocery shopping. At Brock we have the 122 bus that will take people directly from Brock to the Pen Centre. At the Pen Centre there is a Zehrs and in the area there is a Sobeys as well. The both offer student discount nights which is wonderful!

In the Pen Centre there are many other stores available. Many of the stores offer student discounts as well. Visage offers monthly trials for different products. This month they were offering a facial cleanse for free. I went with my roommate and got it done. Shoppers Drug Mart is a good location to get your prescriptions refilled. At Shoppers they have an agreement with Brock that allows you to pay with your Flex Dollars.

Another place in the Pen Centre is Landmark Cinemas, they offer a student discount ticket that includes popcorn, a drink and general admission. This is a lovely deal to be able to enjoy the movies on a budget.

The best place to pick up your Brock Swag is at Brock of course! We have four different locations on campus that you can buy Brock apparel. First, the Campus Bookstore has the largest section of Brock Swag. They even offer apparel for your family as presents. Second, the Guernsey Marketplace has a section that sells Brock clothing. This means that you can get your lunch and a Brock t-shirt. Third, the Badger store located in Walker Complex sells all your Badger pride needs. This a great place to shop if you want to go see the next varsity game. Forth, we have Footnotes at Brock that is located over by East Academic. They offer light reading as well as sweaters and shirts.

There are many other places to shop on-campus and off-campus that I have not mentioned. My best advice to you would be to explore the area and be open to new adventures.

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About Dustine

Hey Everyone! My name is Dustine and I am in my fourth year of the Business Administration program. However, I will be pursuing my love for teaching elementary school. Here at Brock I have lived in both styles of residence buildings and off campus as well. I have participated in many residence activities such as Residence Action Council and Residence Life Staff. I am also a very active member of Brock Dance here on campus. I come from a small town called Tavistock, Ontario. We only have one main intersection. I understand how uneasy coming to an unknown place can be. All I can say is that it was well worth it and one of the best experiences I have ever had. I look forward to meeting many of you on our amazing tours and preview days. If you have any questions you can comment on my blogs.

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