Hey all! Sorry for the wait, but here are the remaining reasons of why Brock was my #1 choice.

6. Security
In moving away from home for school, safety was a huge issue for my parents. But I’m here to tell you that security is nothing to worry about here at Brock! Brock’s Campus Security operates 24/7, 7 days a week, and there are emergency poles located all around campus that alerts Campus Security of your immediate location. We also have various programs to ensure students’ safety on campus, include Campus Watch and Foot Patrol.

7. Gym membership
An 8-month gym membership is included in the tuition and grants registered students access to the suspended running track, gymnasia, studios, pool and whirpool, shower rooms, sauna, squash and outdoor tennis courts. But wait, there’s more! Each year students are eligible for a free one-on-one hour-long orientation session with a certified personal trainer. This session includes a basic introduction to the fitness centre and equipment including a complete fitness program for a beginner.

8. Dining
Have you heard the horror story that university food is terrible or that it will cause the “Freshman 15”? Well, I’m here to debunk that myth! Guernsey Market, among the many other eateries on campus, offers fresh, local fruits and vegetables and my personal favourite: the 360 degree Mongolian Grill (shown in the picture).
You can use your Flex Dollars (DCB) at all of the franchised eateries on campus (including Subway, Tim Hortons, Booster Juice, Teriyaki) and even at select restaurants in St Catharines, including Boston Pizza, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pizza Pizza, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Johnny Rocco’s, and Wild Wing.

9. Program
But most importantly, I was drawn to Brock for their outstanding Concurrent Education program. Brock is also very popular for programs in communications, economics, sports management, business, computer science, and health and medical sciences. But like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Brock also offers programs or minors/concentrations in areas of study that no other schools in Canada (or even the world!) offer. Check ’em out!

But I could go on for days about how much I love Brock, and my endless reasons why.. I hope you will be able to find reasons of your own to love Brock when you become a Badger yourself. Choose Brock! 🙂


About Hana

Hey there! My name is Hana and I am a fourth year Child and Youth Studies major in the Primary/Junior level of the Concurrent Education program. In this final year of my undergraduate degree, I am embarking on exciting new journeys, like completing an Applied Research Project and readying myself for Teacher Education. I hope that through my blog posts I will be able to share some of my 'wisdom' with you young grasshoppers, and that you will be able to join me in this adventure. So read on, my friends!

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