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As you already know if you’ve been reading my blogs, My teachable is Dramatic Arts, and I have the privilege of being an actor in this semesters mainstage production called Jehanne of the Witches. I thought I would take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the show by giving you guys a personal invitation to see the show!

For those of you who are thinking, “Mallory what’s a mainstage?” Allow me to explain! The mainstage performances happen once a semester (last semester was Shakespeare’s Twelth Night…which was AMAZING)and the production is put on by the entire Dramatic Arts department. The stage crew, stage managers, costume designers, set designers, etc., are all students from the department! They are getting first hand experience in the position in a professional setting. The actors are also all students and directed by a professor. Get the picture? Good! The Drama department puts their heart and soul into each mainstage, and this semester is no different.

Now, instead of me attempting to explain the show, here is the description from the facebook group!

The play is not a straightforward retelling of the story of Joan of Arc, in this case, Jehanne. The play deconstructs that legend and explores the inner meanings and relationships. It is a blatantly metatheatrical piece of theatre, which introduces new elements (first among them being the presence of Baron Gilles de Rais, later Marshall of France, sometimes known as Bluebeard) and as such makes us constantly aware we are watching a play. Actors play multiple roles; we jump back and forth in time. In this production, we go deeply into the role of Gilles. It is about the struggle between the old “pagan” (female) religion as it is subsumed into the Christian church (male). The play deals in faith, power, deception, blood lust and the price of success. Jehanne sacrifices not only her life, but her purity. We ultimately ask: what is a saint and what is a monster?

So if you are at all interested in enjoying an awesome show, please check out this one! The show is held in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre at Brock University. There will be four shows, with three evening shows February 13, 14 and 15th beginning at 7:30p.m and one matinee show on Friday the 14th at 1:00p.m. Click the photo below for ticket information!

Enjoy your weekend future Badgers!

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