Brock welcomes the Toronto Blue Jays

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Today was the day that Toronto Blue Jay fans have been waiting for! The Blue Jays graced the Sport Management program with some of the players today for an in class Q&A. Featured Blue Jays players McGowan (pitcher), Esmil Rogers (pitcher) and Todd Redmond (pitcher) were available to the class to share their own experiences with current students here at Brock.

As you may know, Brock is the only University in Canada with the Sport Management program and this just shows how unique your experience can be here at Brock. As a Jays fan, I was very envious of the students who had this opportunity, however, I myself have had other amazing opportunities to listen to guest speakers and other professionals in my program and field. Brock doesn’t want their students to graduate without getting a taste of what the real world is like. Thus, having the Blue Jays at Brock was a great opportunity for Sport Management students to meet professional athletes, Marketing Directors, Assistant Managers,etc. If you have applied to the Sport Management at Brock, look forward to cool opportunities just like this in your future!

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