With every ending, there is a new beginning

Have you heard? It’s exam season for Brock University students. Wow, has time flown by! But I must admit that I am very sad about the Fall semester ending. Why, you ask?

Well, I took a Critical Animal Studies class titled Animals and the Human Society with Dr. Lauren Corman and I enjoyed the class so much that I’m not ready for it to end! But luckily Brock staffs internationally-renowned CAS scholars, including Dr. John Sorenson and Dr. Lauren Corman and many other professors that research and teach in the field of social justice for animals. As such, Brock’s Department of Sociology is able to provide students with the only Minor (for Sociology non-Majors) and Concentration (for Sociology Majors) in Critical Animal Studies in the world! Some of the CAS classes are even cross-listed with Labour Studies, Political Science, and Visual Arts so even if you aren’t necessarily interested in the liberation of animals, you can still gain comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledge about the externalities of global animal industries, including environmental destruction and biodiversity loss.

To give you a better idea as to what kind of classes CAS offers, CAS Winter courses  include Animals and the Law (Advanced), Animals in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Sociology of Human-Canid Interactions, and Sociology of Wildlife.

And the best part? CAS Concentration and Minor students are eligible for scholarship opportunities such as the Jack Hallam Animal Rights Award for $1,5000 and the Niagara Action for Animals Award for $500! To receive more information about Critical Animal Studies, contact Student Advisor Viola Bartel (vbartel@brocku.ca).

Even above and beyond Critical Animal Studies, Brock is an extremely progressive education institution that offers an array of different programs. For example, Brock University is the only school in Canada and internationally to offer the Mathematics Integrated with Computing and Applications (MICA) program. To learn more about MICA, visit https://brocku.ca/mathematics-science/future-students/undergraduate-programs/undergraduate-program-options/mathematics-mica-

So while Brock University offers many popular undergraduate degrees and programs, don’t feel restricted to them. Feel free to take a step out of the box and take advantage of the Brock-specific programs!

Happy applying and may you have a wonderful holiday!



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