Brock University: Winter Break is here (for me at least)!

Hey Future Badgers!

I’m sure you guys are counting down the days until your Winter break begins. I for one was looking forward to it for weeks! At Brock, our Fall term classes concluded on Dec. 3 and our final examinations officially began on Dec. 6. Now, for those of you that are unfamiliar with university exams, the Office of the Registrar allots an examination time and date for each course that has a final exam (some courses have take home exams or in class exams depending on how your prof sets up the course).

I consider myself both lucky and unlucky this term with exams because even though I finished exams on Dec. 12th, I ended up having to 2 exams on the same day. And yes, that does happen sometimes, which means time management is a VERY important skill to have and develop!

Now that I am done my exams, I have some advice for all you Baby Badgers out there. It may seem late that I am RE-realizing this fact in my 4th year at Brock, but take it from someone who knows, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE STUDYING! I definitely made the mistake of thinking I had more time than I did to study and ended up putting myself under a lot of pressure and stress the few days leading up to my exams.

That’s my little bit of advice for you before I dive into Christmas baking, catching up on tv shows and hanging out with friends that are home for the break!

Good luck with the next couple weeks before your break, work hard so you can play hard over Christmas 😉

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Baby Badgers!

Karen 🙂


About Karen

Hey there Future Badgers! My name is Karen and I’m in my 4th year here at Brock University. I am in the Concurrent Education program with a teachable and minor in Human Geography. I had spent my first two years at Brock living in Decew Residence both as a student and a Living Learning Community (LLC) Peer Mentor. I’ve lived in my hometown of Toronto, ON my whole life until I started my amazing journey at Brock. As much as I miss the busy city life of Toronto, I have definitely fallen deeply in love with the small town, community feel that Brock offers. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my blog. I hope to see some of you here for a tour of our lovely campus this Fall or Spring! Take care!

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