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Hey Everyone,

The Fall season of Intramurals is over and exams are starting although I wanted to touch upon some of my involvement in Fall Intramurals this season.  Brock University has a wide range of Fall Sports Intramural leagues for all levels of competition.  Therefore whether your a varsity athlete, looking to get in a few games with friends, or if your a non-competitive player just looking for some activity Brock has a sport for you.  With nine intramural leagues and two intramural tournaments during the fall season you can get involved in anything from Hockey, Volleyball, Quidditch, or even Inner Tube Water Polo.  Leagues range from men’s, women’s and co-ed sports.  Along with a Competitive A, Competitive B, and Recreational league that you may sign up for.  Sign up as a team or as an individual and we will put you on a team and you can make some new friends!

Recreation Services is also the largest job provider on campus.  I got my first job in first year as a Volleyball Referee.  Now that I’m in Fourth Year I’ve been able to work my way up the ranks and become a League Convenor for Volleyball, Softball and Ultimate Frisbee.  Its a great job, with great people and great experience for my degree.  If you didn’t know already I’m a Community Recreation student.  As a bonus, working for Brock means they plan around your class schedule so you never have to worry about class conflicts or becoming too busy around exam time.

Therefore to summarize, Play some sports, Get a Job, Make some friends; Recreation Services is the place to get involved!

Any ways until next time, see you on the court!



About Kevin

My name is Kevin, and I am a fourth year Honours Community Recreation and Leisure student with a minor in Political Science. I have been involved in many community services and programs including Intramural Referee at Brock, working in day camps and programs throughout the summer. Brock University has been a great environment for me as it has provided me many ways to get involved in the Brock community through work, volunteering and programs. This is my second year working as a Campus Experience Coordinator and I am excited to share my experiences with future students. My favourite sports are rugby, hockey, and lacrosse and I try to attend as many school games as I can. I am excited for the upcoming school year as I will be heavily involved in Campus life between the Recreation Services department, the Recruitment department, and the Brock University Students' Union.

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