Brock University: Unique Ways to Study

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So this week I will be discussing some interesting ways to stay motivated while studying at University.

Study with Gummy Bears

By giving yourself an incentive, (other than acing the test), you will be more likely to continue studying. The picture shows that when you get to a certain area of the readings, you get to eat the gummy bear. The gummy bears can also be substituted with Smarties or another type of candy. Another thing that could be helpful is use quarters or dimes for an extra challenge and then use that to by a coffee or other incentive such as going to the movies once you reach that amount of money.

Take Breaks

By taking a break you are giving your brain the chance to focus on something else. This will allow you to de-stress. A break can be anywhere from 2-25 minutes. The 2 minute break could be to grab a snack and the 25 minute break could be making lunch to eat while you study. No matter how long of a break you need, as students breaks are definitely allowed and well deserved.

Laugh while you study

This could mean many things but when I think about laughing during a study session, I think about making the material humorous. When I am going over a city location for Geography or a formula for Corporate Finance, I like to make little jokes and sometimes use an accent. This helps me remember the critical points from my studying.ย  Another version of this would be studying during a funny show that you enjoy. That way you can think, โ€˜yes I totally read that during Big Bang Theoryโ€™.

Thank you for tuning in once again. See you next time Future Badgers!

Dustine ๐Ÿ™‚


About Dustine

Hey Everyone! My name is Dustine and I am in my fourth year of the Business Administration program. However, I will be pursuing my love for teaching elementary school. Here at Brock I have lived in both styles of residence buildings and off campus as well. I have participated in many residence activities such as Residence Action Council and Residence Life Staff. I am also a very active member of Brock Dance here on campus. I come from a small town called Tavistock, Ontario. We only have one main intersection. I understand how uneasy coming to an unknown place can be. All I can say is that it was well worth it and one of the best experiences I have ever had. I look forward to meeting many of you on our amazing tours and preview days. If you have any questions you can comment on my blogs.

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