Recreation Students Introduce RECL Council’s Campfire

Hello there Kevin here,

For the second year in a row Recreation and Leisure students have a social organization up and running called RECL Council.  Its a great organization that students may get involved planning social events for Recreation Students and others.  This year there is a six person executive committee; President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Community Recreation, Vice President of Therapeutic Recreation, Vice President of Outdoor Recreation, and I the Vice President of Organizational Operations.  Yes that is a lot but we all have specific roles to full fill throughout the year to advance the interests of Recreation students and facilitate opportunities for social interaction, networking, and applying knowledge we’ve learned in class.  Additionally there are three committees the Vice President’s of each stream that chair dedicated to multiple things.  This year there is a Social Events Committee, Fundraising Committee, and Semi-Formal Committee.  Each with five students on from various years of study.

On October 29th we had our first social event and it was a Campfire at by Alphie’s Trough.  Alphies is behind Brock University and there is a fire pit beside that can be booked through conference services.  There were over 40 students who came out to roast marsh mellows, eat smores, sing along with an acoustic guitar player, and just have a good time with good people.  We were also selling some of our proud merchandise that us RECL students are always sporting around school.  It was a great kick off event and we are really excited for the next one.  See below for a picture and follow us on twitter for future updates and to build some excitement for next year!  Come and join the Brock University Recreation students with awesome events like this!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RECLCouncil

Until Next Time,

Kevin over and out!


About Kevin

My name is Kevin, and I am a fourth year Honours Community Recreation and Leisure student with a minor in Political Science. I have been involved in many community services and programs including Intramural Referee at Brock, working in day camps and programs throughout the summer. Brock University has been a great environment for me as it has provided me many ways to get involved in the Brock community through work, volunteering and programs. This is my second year working as a Campus Experience Coordinator and I am excited to share my experiences with future students. My favourite sports are rugby, hockey, and lacrosse and I try to attend as many school games as I can. I am excited for the upcoming school year as I will be heavily involved in Campus life between the Recreation Services department, the Recruitment department, and the Brock University Students' Union.

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