Before this semester I had not had the pleasure of experiencing Fall Reading Week, but now I do not know how I’ve survived without it for the past three years!

Brock just introduced this fabulous break in mid-October to give students a mental break from their busy schedules (which is greatly appreciated!). I used the break to go home and get some studying done for mid-terms that I have going on, to catch up on some sleep and to do some volunteering in high schools in my home town.

If however you are looking to be more involved during the break, Brock also offers Alternative Reading Week activities for students who are interested in international and local volunteerism.

  • Niagara: Those remaining in the local area during Reading Week will have the chance to volunteer at organizations across the Niagara Region
  • Southern United States: approximately 30 participants will have the opportunity to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity, Collegiate Challenge
  • Dominican Republic: participants will help teach English and assist in the community with Outreach 360 (this trip is open to residence students only)
  • El Salvador: participants will help build a house with Habitat for Humanity, Global Village
  • All of these trips are amazing opportunities to make a difference either locally or internationally and for students who are looking to travel without doing an exchange, these trips will provide an outlet for your adventurous spirit!

    Most of these trips are running during the Winter Reading Break however it is likely that opportunities will be opened up for the Fall Break as well.

    I can’t wait till next semester when we have our Winter Reading Week so I can get involved!


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    Hello Badgers!! My name is Sabrina and I'm entering my fourth year at Brock in the Intermediate Senior Concurrent Education Program. My teachables are History and Geography however in addition to my studies I've also participated in a variety of clubs such as Brock's Creative Writing Club and various athletic opportunities. I have lived on Residence for the past 3 years, for two of which I was a don, so I have extensive knowledge of the Residence system as well. I consider myself to be a well rounded Brock student and I have accumulated many tricks and tips to Brock and St. Catharines life over the years so feel free to ask me anything or check out my blog!!

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