Conquering Homesickness with Brock Homecoming

Brock University’s location is one of the many reasons I love this school.

Being from Hamilton, I am the perfect distance from home. I am far enough from home to gain independence, but am close enough to go home for an appointment or to enjoy supper with my family. Before I moved into residence I was worried about getting homesick, and thought I would be going home every weekend. The first weekend I stayed in residence instead of going home was, ironically, Homecoming weekend.

My floor mates and I all put on our free red t-shirts that we got during O-Week and crammed into a washroom to put on our red and white face paint. Together we all went to the cafeteria and got some lunch before we headed out to the mens’ rugby game.

And then it started to pour.

While out on the sidelines, the clouds rolled in and washed away all of our face paint and makeup. This day really stands out to me though because none of my friends or I left the game like I expected us to. Our spirits stayed high and we actually cheered louder for our boys as we all got drenched in the rain.

I’m really glad I stayed here that weekend, because it made me realize that, rain or shine, Brock is my home away from home.


About Sofia

Hey there friendly blog readers! My name is Sofia and I am in my fourth year here at Brock University. I am in the Concurrent Education program with Math and English as my teachable subjects. Though I now call Brock my home, I come from the faraway land of Hamilton, ON where my family still resides. I lived in DeCew Residence for my first year at school and loved the residence community so much that I worked as a Residence Don for my second and third year. So if you have any questions about residence, feel free to comment on my blog. I know coming to a new school can be intimidating, but I fell in love with the campus when I first arrived, and hopefully you will too! I hope to see you here for a campus tour of our beautiful university in the coming months! Take care!

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