This weekend I’ll be writing my last English essay ever, for my undergraduate degree. At this point, it feels like I’m about to embark on a climb to the peak of Mt. Everest. Although it seems daunting now, I know I’ll feel like a champ once I’ve finished writing the most challenging and longest essay of my life (if you’re interested, it’s about a fictional relationship between a bear and a human woman…. I know right?) I am not officially graduating this year (I am moving on to Brock’s Teacher’s College as a Concurrent Education student), but that being said, it does feel like a graduation of sorts. Next year’s classes will be completely different, and I’ll be spending much more time in high schools gaining field experience.

My roommates, on the other hand, are not in Concurrent Education, so they’ll be graduating at the end of their fourth year. We have lived together for so long, it feels like the end of an era to be moving out of our student home together! To celebrate, we recently went out for dinner to Johnny Rocco’s:

With so many of my friends moving out and moving on, I’ve been hearing a lot of comments like “where did the time go?” and “the past four years just flew by!” but I can’t say I feel the same. I remember every late night I’ve spent studying or writing essays, every birthday party with my roommates, and every conversation with my professors, where I left their offices feeling like my life had changed a little bit. I remember the past four years – they didn’t just fly by. They were fun and inspiring and exciting in many ways, but they were also filled with a lot of hard work and dedication – I feel like I’ve earned it!

If you’re beginning your studies next year, I hope you feel the same way when you’re wrapping up your fourth year. I hope you can look back on your four year degree and remember all the hard work, and fun times you experienced. I hope you remember every day, and that it doesn’t just fly by, because for most of us, earning an undergraduate degree is a once in a lifetime experience.


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Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I’m in my sixth year here at Brock University. I've graduated from the Concurrent Education program, majoring in English and minoring in Dramatic Arts, and am now going into my Master's in English. I’m also an alumni of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society, which allowed me to participate in many awesome events around campus during my undergraduate degree, such as the Flora Broley Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament for Alzheimer’s. Please browse my blogs and feel free to post any questions or comments you may have!

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