Hey friends! As our academic year is coming to an end here at Brock University I realize that many of you many be juggling between which school to choose to continue your academic experience. Maybe you have even already chosen Brock Univeristy to complete your Undergraduate Degree! If so, a formal Congratulations is in order, welcome aboard Badger! To help ease into campus living, Brock’s site is available on your mobile phone!

This mobile site is called “Experience Brock Mobile.” This is very helpful especially to new comers around campus! With this site, you can learn specific information regarding your program, sign up for a campus tour, register for events, view a campus map, get driving directions to Brock University, or contact the University directly. With the help of this mobile site you will always have the assistance of Brock University conveniently located on your mobile device.

With the Experience Brock Mobile site you can also be directed to the University’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flicker live feed, to get involved in our digital community! Don’t be shy to  leave a comment or post on one of these sites, the Badger community loves fresh faces and ideas!

So visit our site and check it out! Even if you haven’t officially selected Brock as your school of choice yet, this site may be able to provide more information to help you in your decision. Bye for now Badgers!


About Dini

Welcome back Badgers! Hopefully everyone’s summer left them with many unforgettable memories and enough energy for the upcoming year ahead. My name is Dini and I’m currently a fourth year undergraduate here at Brock University. I’m in the process of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications: Media, Culture and Society stream. I will also be your Campus Experience Coordinator for the approaching year! I hope to share my experiences here at Brock with you all and hopefully provide some support for us to successfully tackle the school year ahead! I’m also currently involved in a great internship opportunity this year at Brock, called This is My Niagara, working for the video and film division. This is My Niagara is a great initiative that works to connect young talent with small and medium sized business’ here in the Niagara region. I would greatly encourage others who are interested in attaining hands on experience while completing their degree, to take a look at the many opportunities that Brock has to offer. When my head isn’t buried in the books I enjoy the St. Catharines social scene, including festivals such as the annual Grape and Wine that I’m anxiously awaiting! Good luck to everyone in their endeavors this upcoming year, and always remember to remain a well-rounded individual and always use both sides of the brain!

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