Residence: Your Home Away From Home

Hello Future Students!

By now you may have received an offer of admission from Brock (… and if not, don’t worry!  The admissions office is constantly reviewing applications and sending offers to students… so keep up the hard work and check your mail!).

I’m sure you have been considering your offers and hopefully have decided to come to Brock…  But clicking “accept” is just the start!

So, you’ve decided to come to Brock, but where will you live?  Many students choose to live in residence in their first year.  Living on-campus provides students with two options: Traditional-Style Residence or Townhouse-Style Residence.

Traditional-Style Residence includes DeCew, Vallee, Earp, and Lowenberger.  These residences are “dorm room” style, similar to what you see in movies – a hallway with rooms on either side (as you can see in the picture to the right).  Traditional residence rooms are either single or double bedrooms, sharing a bathroom with one (Vallee and Earp), two (Lowenberger) or a group of (DeCew) other students.  Each bedroom comes equip with a bed, desk, office chair, bookcase, chest of drawers, and closet/armoire for each student.  This residence style does not have cooking facilities, however, so a meal plan for dining halls is mandatory.

Townhouse-Style Residence includes Village and Quarry View.  These residences are, as the name suggests, townhouses for four or five students.  Village houses include three single bedrooms and one double bedroom; Quarry View houses include four single bedrooms.  Each house has a full bathroom (sink, shower/tub, and toilet) and a half-bathroom (sink and toilet).  Every room comes equip with a bed, desk, office chair, bookcase, chest of drawers, and closet/armoire for each student.  Houses also have a living room area (with couch and chairs), dining area (with table and chairs), and kitchen (with fridge and stove).  This residence style allows students the option to cook for themselves.  A meal plan is not mandatory, but is optional for students who choose not to cook.

Want to see what these residences look like?  Check out this video!  Or come visit in person by booking a campus tour.

Once you have decided which residence style is right for you, be sure to fill out your residence application.  Remember, applications and your $600. deposit are due by June 3rd… but the earlier you apply, the better!

Stay tuned for more info very soon…


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