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Hello Everyone

Today I am blogging about another opportunity to get involved, this time in regards to educational policy at the university.

I recently ran and was elected to Brock University’s Senate.  The Senate is responsible for the educational policy at the university and allows for 6 undergraduate students to get elected to provide input from the students.  The rest of Senate is comprised of university staff, graduate students, and ex officio members.  It is important to get involved in these bodies as it allows the students to have a voice in their education.  If you are interested next year then go to the BUSU office during the BUSAC nomination period to pick up a nomination package.

The Senate also has many committees including but not limited to: graduate studies, budget advisory, undergraduate program, undergraduate student affairs, and many others.  I am looking to sit on one of the undergraduate committees as I believe this is the area that students can provide the most insight.  I also think this is an interesting opportunity as it is considered to be the second highest governance body at the university.  It is also good to hear that students can get involved in academic policy development.

Until next week, Kevin over and out


About Kevin

My name is Kevin, and I am a fourth year Honours Community Recreation and Leisure student with a minor in Political Science. I have been involved in many community services and programs including Intramural Referee at Brock, working in day camps and programs throughout the summer. Brock University has been a great environment for me as it has provided me many ways to get involved in the Brock community through work, volunteering and programs. This is my second year working as a Campus Experience Coordinator and I am excited to share my experiences with future students. My favourite sports are rugby, hockey, and lacrosse and I try to attend as many school games as I can. I am excited for the upcoming school year as I will be heavily involved in Campus life between the Recreation Services department, the Recruitment department, and the Brock University Students' Union.

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