Brock University: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


I am writing one of my last blog posts on a bittersweet moment.

My undergraduate university career is quickly coming to an end. I completed all of my in-gym exams and midterms. I am one essay, and two presentations away from being done! It is hard to believe how fast time flies by. Yes, I am entering Brock’s Teacher’s College in September but it is just not the same as undergrad because your undergraduate years are full of “firsts”: first real essay, first fail, first time living away from home, first time meeting a peer from Europe, first ‘all-nighter’ to complete homework, etc.  It seems like only yesterday I was anxiously awaiting to move into residence, playing cards (Dutch Blitz) at 1:30am in residence, studying for final exams with some new-found friends, getting my first 100% on an assignment, tutoring a child in the Reading Clinic, putting together poster boards for presentations, hiking on the Niagara Escarpment, burning my home cooked meals, going out for a night on the town with my girls, giving my first campus tour (and walked into a pole), watching Harry Potter/Criminal Minds marathons, teaching my first class for Brock Dance and celebrating the successes along the way. When I reflect back, I realize that Brock slowly by surely became my home away from home. My best friends are from Brock U. My accomplishments are at Brock U. My life lessons were learned while at Brock U. I do not know who I would be or where I would be without these experiences at this university.

Our first night at Brock. Ironically, 3/4 of us are best friends today! (R-L: Amanda, Kristie, Paula, Mel, Diana / Bottom: Me!)

This is going to sound cheesy, but Brock’s campaign (Both Sides of the Brain) is true. You can challenge yourself academically and join clubs/programs/travel to grow into yourself. I always tell my guests on tours that going to university opens up a whole other world to discover between the people you meet and the programs you can enter. I want to remind you to take the opportunities given to you! You only live life once, so you might as well ‘go big or go home’.

All of the Girls <3

Some members of the Recruitment Team (My student position for three years)

PS: I want to take a moment to thank all of closest friends, peers, professors, family and the Recruitment Office for an incredible four years. You have all taught me so much and you have helped me to become a better person. <3


About Krissa

Hello! My name is Krissa. I am a fourth year Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student at Brock. I am also a member/instructor of the Brock Dance club. I am also the organizer/dance instructor for a local elementary school dance club. In my bit of spare time, I like to hang with friends, venture in the local Niagara area, sleep and watch movies! If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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