Brock University: It’s Finally Over!

Today is a day for celebration friends! In addition to it being my baby sister’s 17th birthday (happy birthday Kerry!!!), today marks the end of my 30-day chips, cheesies and cookies fast. Anyone who knows me well will know that cheesies are my #1 weakness, followed closely by chips and cookies, and although I’m sure this is understandable because they are the best foods in the world…they really don’t help me stay healthy. For this reason, my housemate Rachel and I decided 30 days ago that we would each give up some sort of junk food that we have a soft spot for..kind of like our version of lent! I read somewhere that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit, so from there the idea was born!

While it has been a difficult 30 days with the cravings, and television commercials that seemed to only show up because I couldn’t act on my impulses, I made it! And I am actually kind of impressed with myself and the self-control I never knew I had! After these 30 days, I can tell you first hand that nothing makes you want something more than knowing you can’t have it, but contrary to popular assumption, I’m not running out to the grocery store first thing tomorrow morning. Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can do it successfully, I am somewhat motivated to see how much longer I can go, only eating these foods when I am in desperate need (tough life, right?!).

These kind of activities are so much fun to do with your housemates, or your friends! You can test yourselves and each other, give and receive moral support, and have someone to run to when your craving is making you spin circles in your desk chair. Plus, with exams right around the corner and final assignments popping up, there’s never a better time to try to prevent yourself from gaining the freshman (or second year, third year, fourth year, or postgraduation) fifteen!

So friends, try your hand at some super self control! It’s a great bonding experience and you never know – you might surprise yourself at just what you’re capable of!

Also, have an amazing Easter Weekend!! 🙂


About Kristie

Hey Everyone! My name is Kristie and I'm a 4th year Psychology student here at Brock. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in geriatrics (working with senior citizens)! In my spare time I love rollerblading, being with my friends, and volunteering! I'm part of a group called the Brock University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA), who aim to connect current students and alumni through networking, and volunteer opportunities! I've met a lot of amazing people in this group. It has helped me connect with other students who love volunteering just as much as I do!

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