Brock University: How Far Does $1 Really Get You?

So, I wrote a blog a little earlier this year about ways to get home – and I just wanted to give you all a quick update on that post. If you wanted to read the post about different bus routes you can take to get from Brock to wherever you call home click HERE!

Anyways, this past week both my roomate and I got an email from Megabus. I’m sure if you live in the GTA and have spent ANY time on the major highways you have seen their buses. They’re normally bright blue, and they advertise in big letters that they have trips from Toronto to Niagara for $1. So what does this have to do with Brock you ask? Well, recently Megabus started to service St Catharines which means that you can take a bus from St Catharines to Hamilton OR to Toronto for $1.00 (plus a $0.50 service fee and tax).

I thought that this MUST be a scam, or something had to be wrong with this service… so being the dedicated blogger that I am, I looked into it this past weekend. For me to get from St Catharines to Hamilton then Hamilton to Kitchener the grand total was : $2.83. That’s right, as opposed to the bus that I normally take that is a $35.00 saving (Check out the screenshot if you don’t believe me!!) As well, Megabus is sponsored by Coach Canada, so it’s not like you have to feel unsafe getting onto a “sketchy” bus and finally, the buses come right into the main bus terminal in St Catharines so it’s not like you need to travel to some distant location in order to find the buses.

All you need to do to take Megabus is to buy a ticket online at least the day before you

I told you it was only $2.83!!

intend to travel (they take VISA and Mastercard) then bring the reservation number that they email to you, let the driver know you registered with Megabus and the bus driver will check the number against the little slip they were given for the journey. Heck, they’ll even text you the number if that’s easier for you, or you don’t have data and can’t pull the email up on your cell phone. After that, it’s just as easy as climbing on the bus, turning on that iPod and drifting off to sleep.

If you’re going to be going back and forth from home to school look into the options that come with the Megabus reserved seating! The link to their website is here and frankly, even if the $1.00 bus times don’t work for you, the rides are cheaper anyways!

Best of luck with the last few weeks of school badgers!


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