SMILE-A-PALOOZA with Brock Residence

The Recognition and Leadership Committee within Brock Residence wanted to give back to our community this month so we created a month long initiative called SMILE-A-PALOOZA that dedicates each day of March to a different challenge that spreads smiles! 🙂 The challenges ranged from being grateful for a day to paying for a person’s meal or coffee that was behind you that day. TODAY we had our biggest challenge of the month which was a Volunteer Day! There were many things to do today to give back to our community:

1. Blood Donor Clinic: 9:30am-12pm  

~ Donate and/or support other donors

2. Niagara Falls Retirement Home: 12pm-4:30pm

~ Join in playing card games, or board games

~Entertain the residents though music

~Listening to their stories

3. Big Brothers, Big Sisters: 12:30pm-6pm

~Free swim along with a movie

I was given the honour of going to the Retirement home in Niagara Falls today to play music for the residents and I can’t explain how rewarding it was. To know how much your presence means to them is so touching. It was emotional as well, when a resident started to cry when we informed her that we could help clean her room after she said she needed to do that and it would take her a while. They were so grateful to just have someone there to talk to and listen to them. Now for my challenge to all of you: SMILE and find something to do each day that gives back and spreads smiles to your, friends, family and/or your community!

It only takes one small act of kindness to change the world!


About Meghan

Hello! My name is Meghan and I am attending Brock University in my fourth year of the Concurrent Education BA/BEd I/S program with a major in Drama and second teachable in English. During my first year at Brock I was able to be part of Brock Musical Theatre’s production of RENT. This experience led me out of my shell right from the beginning of my first year, and allowed me to grow into the Brock community. I was able to see how important it is to branch out and get involved which is why the last 2 years I was a Residence Don and now this year I am a Head Resident in order to ensure that our incoming first years get the best experience possible at Brock! A piece of advice: When you choose a school, you are going there for your academics, BUT, your social and extra-curricular life are just as important in order to be a well-rounded student. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t let the feeling of "only being in first year" or "having too much work to do" stop you from getting involved because this is the time to do it. This is the time to use 'both sides of the brain' in order to be that well-rounded person. When you find something you love, something that brings out the best in you, don’t find excuses to not do it. Let it be your outlet. Let it the thing you go to or do when you’re feeling overwhelmed because in the long run, it will keep you happy, confident and sane!

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