Brock University: Best Food Edition Yet!

Hey everyone!

Okay, so here’s another one of my food blogs. But I promise you this one is one of the best!

Recently, a new bakery has opened up in downtown St Catharines, which is super easy to get to through the bus routes from Brock U! You simply take the bus from the Brock U campus, right downtown to the terminal. The bakery is literally right down the street from the terminal! For a complete list of bus routes, click here!

The Bakery is called Tammy’s Creative Cakes and Treats, and Tammy specializes in everything from cakes, to cupcakes, to cookies, AND cake balls! From this, she also does all different flavours, and different filling and icing options as well! AND, to top it all off, she’ll also put all of these products into different arrangements, however you want them!

My friends¬†and I passed by this bakery one day and decided to stop by for a snack, and then followed Tammy on Facebook to find out that she hosted a cake ball contest! For those of you who haven’t had one, a cake ball is literally a ball of cake dipped in chocolate and decorated to create a sweet ball of perfection! The contest was to come up with a new flavour, and Krissa and I took the cake (couldn’t help myself)¬†with Banana Chocolate Chip, with a Peanut Butter coating! The prize was a dozen cake balls, so Krissa and I each got 6!

Here is a photo of my cake balls. There is chocolate mint, coconut and a salted caramel left…Not surprisingly I’ve already eaten the rest!

So, if you’re in the St Catharines area and looking for a gift idea, or just a sweet treat, check out Tammy’s bakery!

For contact information and more menu information, click here for her website!

Also, make sure you keep up with the promotions and contests that she’s running! Click here to like her Facebook page!

Enjoy your goodies friends!!!


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