Brock University: Once in a Lifetime!

Slight exaggeration, maybe not once in a lifetime, but this event is actually really cool!

From January 18 – February 2nd this year, different restaurants and cafes participated in the Winter Downtown D’Lish, which was where each company put together a somewhat fixed lunch & dinner menu for a set price, all of them being under $35!! If you want to see some of the restaurants and cafes that participated this year, click here! You can also check out some of their menus on this website!

Two weekends ago, my friends went for dinner at Coffee Culture, one of the cafes participating in this event, and it was delicious! I had a chicken caesar wrap and a maple pecan muffin, and both of them were so good! And, to top it all off, the meal altogether with a drink was $10! If you’d like to check out Coffee Culture and their menu, click here! Coffee Culture is also a great place to sit and study, grab a coffee and catch up with your friends, any day of the week!

So friends, if you are attending Brock next year, keep an eye out for this awesome event! It is a great opportunity to try some new restaurants, try some new foods, and meet new people! Happy eating!


About Kristie

Hey Everyone! My name is Kristie and I'm a 4th year Psychology student here at Brock. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in geriatrics (working with senior citizens)! In my spare time I love rollerblading, being with my friends, and volunteering! I'm part of a group called the Brock University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA), who aim to connect current students and alumni through networking, and volunteer opportunities! I've met a lot of amazing people in this group. It has helped me connect with other students who love volunteering just as much as I do!

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