Places to Study on Campus at Brock That You Wouldn’t Think Of

So the first wave of midterms is upon us and I thought it would help to post what I find are the top 5 places you wouldn’t think to study on campus at Brock.  If you need a break from the library or your room, here are some places you might not have thought of.

1) Above the Walker Food Court

If you frequent the Walker Complex, you will notice that above the food court, there is an area of tables and chairs that are a good place to study in groups. You can talk things out with other people, pace back and forth or do whatever helps you study without being shushed by other people who need silence to study.

2)Mackenzie Chown study spaces

Throughout Mac Chown, there are lots of little areas with benches or tables where you can sit down and read for a while. One really cool place that I didn’t notice until recently was a little study nook on the third floor between B block and C block. There are only two or three chairs but it is a great spot to study if you are between classes in Mac Chown.

3) The Collabratorium

This is a space that was newly renovated this year and it is very different than a lot of other places on campus.  It is located in the old General Brock Store location beside the Scotiabank branch.  There are really comfortable chairs, places for individual and group work and the cheapest photocopiers on campus but there are dishes, microwaves and a sink. This means you can eat and work in a nice bright area with your friends.

4)The Cafe Tables in Plaza

Outside of the seminar rooms and computer labs in Plaza building, there are lots of tables and chairs that you can work at.  There is a nice view outside and the halls stay fairly quiet while seminars are going on.  This is also a good place to work in groups because you can bring a couple tables together with room to walk around.

Now if the weather is nicer…

5) The Academic South courtyard & outside of Pond Inlet are two really nice outdoor places to either study or bring a picnic if you need some time to relax.

Best of luck everyone!


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