Brock University: Your Guide to a Great Weekend!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

Long weekends aren’t just awesome because, well, they’re LONG WEEKENDS, they’re also a really good time to catch up on readings and assignments, do the laundry that has been on the floor all week, or just take a moment and relax!

Here are five things I do to get the most out of my weekends!

1. Set goals! Whether it’s for the whole weekend, the day, or even for before dinner that night, setting goals (as long as they’re realistic!) is the best way to make sure you get things done! Plus, there’s nothing better than crossing something off of your to-do list!

2. Mix up your days. If possible, don’t focus on the same task all day, you’ll eventually get restless, and that means distracted! Alternate between assignments, cleaning, reading, laundry, and anything else you need to get done that weekend! It’s not the spa – but you’ll feel a lot more refreshed this way!

3. Take time for yourself. Besides the homework, work, cleaning and laundry, that’s what the weekend is all about, right?! Meet up with friends and go out for dinner, go shopping (or window shopping) or catch up on your favourite TV shows! Have some fun before reality starts again!

4. Do nothing. This one is kind of like #3, but necessary nonetheless! Sleep in one morning, or watch TV and zone out! It’ll help you recuperate from the previous week, and get ready for the next!

5. Maybe this isn’t everyone’s style, but if you plan ahead and stay organized, accomplishing things and still having time left to enjoy your time is a lot easier! Make lists, write on your calendar, and stay on schedule! It might sound tedious, but you won’t regret it when you’re at the movies on Sunday afternoon because all of your weekend-work is done!

That’s all! Those are my secrets to productive, but yet fun weekends. Hope you all have a great (and short!) week this week! 🙂


About Kristie

Hey Everyone! My name is Kristie and I'm a 4th year Psychology student here at Brock. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in geriatrics (working with senior citizens)! In my spare time I love rollerblading, being with my friends, and volunteering! I'm part of a group called the Brock University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA), who aim to connect current students and alumni through networking, and volunteer opportunities! I've met a lot of amazing people in this group. It has helped me connect with other students who love volunteering just as much as I do!

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