Brock University: Brock Days Alumni Weekend!

Hey people!

These past couple of weeks have been super busy for me! A couple of weekends ago (September 20), Brock University hosted the Brock Days Alumni weekend, which gives our Brock Alumni a chance to come back to campus and reconnect with the place they once called home, and the people they met along the way! The itinerary for the weekend includes everything from an alumni-centred golf tournament, to campus tours, to reunion socials for clubs people participated in, to workshops that help them stay engaged and involved! For more information on Brock Days and Alumni Weekend, click here!

The reason I am involved in this is because I am part of the Brock University Student Alumni Association, which aims to maintain a strong relationship between Brock University, current students, and our alumni. We do this by giving students and alumni opportunities to connect and interact through networking, events, and volunteer opportunities.  I became involved with this group in my 2nd year of university after one of my friends told me about it, and it has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had here at Brock. I’ve met so many awesome people that I know I’ll be friends with after graduation, and I get to give back to Brock and the St Catharines community which has always been important to me! It just goes to show you that there is a group, a club, or a team for everyone at Brock, and every one gives you an opportunity to meet new people, try something you’ve never done before, or learn something new!

Sarah and I at Alumni Weekend last year!


About Kristie

Hey Everyone! My name is Kristie and I'm a 4th year Psychology student here at Brock. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in geriatrics (working with senior citizens)! In my spare time I love rollerblading, being with my friends, and volunteering! I'm part of a group called the Brock University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA), who aim to connect current students and alumni through networking, and volunteer opportunities! I've met a lot of amazing people in this group. It has helped me connect with other students who love volunteering just as much as I do!

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