Residence move-in day is quickly approaching! On Monday September 3rd over 2000 students will move in to their new home in one of our six residence buildings. Moving is usually stressful regardless of the circumstance, but add in the fact that most students are living away from home for the first time, and having to say goodbye to their friends and families, and you’ve got a day full of mixed emotions.

In the middle of all the chaos, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is stressing out over something you’ve forgotten. Luckily our residence department has posted an online list of everything you should and shouldn’t bring on move-in day in TRADITIONAL, VILLAGE, and QUARRY VIEW residences. However, having lived in residence myself, there are a few other items that I’d like to recommend to you that you might not think of on your own…


Duct tape fixes everything.

Although you cannot use duct tape as an adhesive on residence walls, it can fix pretty much anything. Binder broken? Fixed. Hole in your wallet? Mended. Chatty roommate? Problem solved.


Remember: the Canada/USA border is only about 20 minutes from Brock! Head over to NY State for the day to get some American shopping done!


If you have a favourite Halloween costume from home, or you have materials/decorations for the holiday, make sure to bring them with you! Halloween is the first big holiday you’ll spend here at Brock, and we love to celebrate.


The picture says it all.


In residence you will build unique relationships with the people around you. How many of your friends have heard you snore? Or know about your weird teeth-brushing routine? You’ll learn things about people in your residence that are very personal, and they will learn things about you too. You’ll be living with new people from all walks of life, and spending a lot of time with them through emotional ups and downs, so it’s really important to stay open minded, tolerant, and forgiving.


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  1. avatar Madison says:

    this is great! I would have never even thought of bringing a passport!

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