Yesterday morning I woke up and got ready for work like any regular day, not knowing that by the end of the morning one of my life-long dreams would come true. No, I didn’t win the lottery, but it was pretty darn close.

I took a group out on a tour, and when I returned my coworkers casually told me that Ryan Gosling was in the building with Eva Mendes. Now I’m not usually one to get excited about celebrities – couldn’t care less about the Kardashians, or any other reality t.v. “stars” for that matter. But Ryan Gosling is a whole different story. I’ve had a mondo crush on him since the seventh grade.

So when Matt and Joe told me he was in the building with Eva Mendes, and that the office’s manager Melissa actually met them, let’s just say I got a little emotional. I rushed down to the Ian D. Beddis gymnasium, where myself and about 7 other people stood on the other side of a massive glass wall gawking at the two actors who sat about 20 feet away, cheering on Gosling’s mom who was graduating from Brock with her Bachelor of Education.

Within hours the social media universe began buzzing with the news that the pair had showed up, unexpected, to Brock’s graduation ceremony. Although the day was about the graduates, it was still a thrilling moment for Brock’s staff, students, and graduates to have Gosling and Mendes (very visibly) in our audience.

Here’s hoping that Donna Gosling’s working on a second degree and coming back for my Convocation 2014!


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Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I’m in my sixth year here at Brock University. I've graduated from the Concurrent Education program, majoring in English and minoring in Dramatic Arts, and am now going into my Master's in English. I’m also an alumni of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society, which allowed me to participate in many awesome events around campus during my undergraduate degree, such as the Flora Broley Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament for Alzheimer’s. Please browse my blogs and feel free to post any questions or comments you may have!

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