I remember March Break like it was yesterday – the time of year that every Elementary and High School student looks forward to! A week of pure bliss where you can sleep in, tune out, and catch up on all the TV you’ve missed from doing so much homework.

In fact, I’m having a March Break of my own this year! (well…sort of). Here at Campus Tours, March Break is a really busy time for us. The amount of people signing up for tours multiply – understandably – because you guys have so much free time and you don’t have to miss school to come to Brock for the day!

Personally I’ve been having a blast doing Campus Tours this week (my last tour for March Break is in half an hour) – I remember how exciting this time was when I was in high school. You’ve sent out your applications, you’ve heard back (or will be hearing back shortly) from Brock, and now you’re in the process of making some big decisions. A perfect time to come see our campus!

Now although March Break is a time to relax, aside from taking a Campus Tour, there are some other ways you can use this week off to help prepare you for the year ahead. I know September probably seems really far away, but it’ll come faster than you think!

Clean out your closet: It’s called “spring cleaning” for a reason, right? Take this week off to go through your closet and donate any clothes that you haven’t worn the past 12 months (that’s my general rule of thumb) to your local shelter or clothing drive. When you move into residence you will have a limited amount of room to fit all of your stuff. This is a great way to down-size before you move, and you’re helping out a great cause!

Create a bucket list: You’re only a first-year university student once. Take the week off to reflect on what you want out of university. Maybe you want to make new friends. Maybe you want to get in shape. Maybe you want to make the Dean’s List. Whatever it is, create a bucket list of practical ways you can achieve these goals first year (i.e. buy a Zone membership, join the Social Justice Club, etc.)

Spend time with your family: Moving away from home is exciting and scary at the same time. Use your week off to connect with your loved ones, because once you move out you will miss those moments. If your parents are working, why not surprise them by making dinner for when they come home? Cherish the family time and show your parents you appreciate their support – because you’ll be gone pretty soon!

So take time to sit back and relax this March Break (and maybe do a bit of homework) – and if you can, begin to prepare for first year university – it’ll be here before you know it!!!


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Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I’m in my sixth year here at Brock University. I've graduated from the Concurrent Education program, majoring in English and minoring in Dramatic Arts, and am now going into my Master's in English. I’m also an alumni of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society, which allowed me to participate in many awesome events around campus during my undergraduate degree, such as the Flora Broley Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament for Alzheimer’s. Please browse my blogs and feel free to post any questions or comments you may have!

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