I’ve blogged a few times now about my participation in the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS). Well each year, members of the BLCS participate in a volunteer initiative of their choosing. First year I took part in the Flora Broley Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament for the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara, last year I volunteered with a Senior’s Valentine’s Day Prom, and this year is the “Out of Uniform for Uniforms” initiative – and I’m really excited about it!

Having travelled to Kenya last summer I got to spend a lot of time playing with the local kids. Although the country of Namibia is on the opposite coast of Africa, when my friend Mauryah told me she was travelling there to volunteer this summer I couldn’t help reflecting on my own experience in Africa and getting excited for her.

So the initiative my group and I came up with is called “Out of Uniform for Uniforms”. We’ve partnered with Notre Dame College School – a local Catholic high school in Welland – for an out-of-uniform day where the students will pay $2 to “dress down”. All of the proceeds will go directly towards the Bernard Nordkamp Centre, which is a youth centre in Namibia for those children who need extra financial, emotional, or academic support to get through school. One of their goals is to supply all the students in the centre with uniforms so that they can attend Elementary school – hence the name of the initiative.

Coming up with, and planning this initiative was so easy. There are endless ways to get involved at Brock! Visit the Student Justice Centre website for more information on how to get involved in social justice around Brock!

The poster I made for our event!


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